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26 Inasaridze st.
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About project

The project territory is in Batumi, the settlement Angisa, Inasaridze 26, (cadaster code: and its area is 1903

It is considered the multi residential house inside the yard and benchmark of +3.20 with parking. The building consists of seventeen floors and reduced terraced. On the ground floor considered the commercial spaces + 3.20 benchmark with parking for thirty-three cars. 17 floors it is considered the residential spaces. On the last floor will be strip roofing, where will be held the car outlet, the technical room and terrace.

The carcasses and the roofing is reinforced concrete monolith. Filler Light block, the façade will be groomed by Betopan plates, decorative bricks, alucobond, and basalt stone. The railing materials - metal and glass railings. The windows white plastic profiles- double mini package.

150 m
To the beach
10 min
To the center

Apartment view

Apartment view

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